Here's What Our Clients Say About
The Printworld Directory

“I've heard people refer to the Printworld Directory of Contemporary Prints and Prices for years, so I finally decide to snag myself a copy, see what the deal is, and review it. You'll be please to know that I like what I found, and that if you buy, sell, collect, or appraise contemporary prints, Printworld Directory is one reference you'll want to have around. It's got a significant amount of information I can't find elsewhere, or let me put it this way -- information that's not easy to find elsewhere (and I'm someone who knows how to find hard-to-find information).
Overall, the book is a recommended reference. It provides in-depth information about publishers and editions that's not easy to locate, but is essential for anyone serious about any aspect of the business. For example, the difference between "issue price" and "current price" gives you an idea of how collectible or in-demand an artist is. And knowing the medium of a print saves you the trouble of having to identify it yourself -- something that's not always easy to do. Always remember, art people -- you're only as good as your reference library. ”


“Selma Smith does the impossible, bigger than life, phenomenal work in her Printworld Directory. Her research is accurate, up-to-date, detailed and specific. This scholarly book is always beautiful and a 'must have' volume for all artists, museums, libraries, schools, collectors and all those whose passion is visual art. Your library is not complete without a Selma Smith Printworld Directory.”
Alice Asmar, Artist


“A source of constant reference.”
Robert Berman
Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA


“An absolute 'must have' for any contemporary fine art dealer! There is no other resource used more often than the Printworld Directory.”
Russell Herndon
Herndon Fine Art


The Printworld Directory is a most useful compendium of retail price information for a broad range of contemporary prints.
Elisabeth L. Hahn, Vice President, Christie's
Director of Print Department


The Printworld Directory - an invaluable resource! I use it every day - very important for checking prices and documentation of prints!
Lawrence Macaray
Macaray Gallery, Anaheim, CA


·a “must” reference for print collectors.
Forbes Magazine


As an art advisor and appraiser, I find I can't work on contemporary prints without Printworld! I use it daily to research publication information about prints, and to present my clients with comprehensive, up-to-date information about their collections.
Laurance D. Triplette, ASA;
Member of APAA


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